So it is said when a son starts wearing his father’s shoes, they become friends. But that should not be your scale to measure the bond. A teenage rebellion or a grown up buddy, every father son deserve to strengthen their bond. And a vacation is just the perfect excuse for it. Even a simple road trip would do. So I present to you, ten father son vacations that you must take.


1. Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh:

Summers are the best time to be here. There are monasteries to marvel at, peaks to climb and waterfalls to kill for. It would make a perfect package for all kinds of chilling water sports activities. If nothing else, you could simply relax and enjoy the beautiful scenery.


2. Shillong, Meghalaya:

Pine trees everywhere you look, waterfalls making brilliant music to your ears. It is filled with beautiful British architecture, and the reflection can be seen in their food too. There is a sense of calm prevailing all around. If you are fond of golf, this is the place for you. It is an excellent get away.


3. Darjeeling, West Bengal:

It is like a movie, beautiful forest, a toy train taking you through them. It is just beautiful. It is the most loved destination on a nature lover’s list. There are zoological parks and tea gardens. And while you are here, do not miss out on the Kanchenjunga and Senchal lake.


4. McLeod Ganj, Himachal Pradesh:

Named after the Governor of Punjab, David Mcleod, from the British settlement, it is a city of hills. The upper side is Dharamshala, it is famous for its Momos and is a major summer attraction. If you are looking for a retreat, this is for you. Not to forget the amazing jewelry and handicrafts.


5. Nubra Valley, Ladakh:

Also known as the ‘Orchard of Ladakh’, Ldumra means valley of flowers. It looks as if out of one of those paintings. Also here is the highest motorable pass, the Khardung La Pass that would totally be worth of a road trip. Also there is Hunder that is also known as ‘desert in the sky’. You could ride a double humped camel here, and it is just here that this could be done.


6. Cherapunji Waterfall

Now for an adventure packed vacation, Cherrapunji should be your call. Tourists are welcomed here all around the year. There is no off season as such. There are amazing waterfalls, and refreshing treat of the nature. There are caves and a National park to amuse yourself.


7. Horsley Hills, Andhra Pradesh:

It is like one of those serene mystical lands, away from the heat and pollution. The flaura and fauna here is mesmerizing. There also are a number of other attractions that you could enjoy. It would be that perfect vacation for developing a bond that would be cherished for life.


8. Kadmat Island, Lakshadweep:

If you and your son love watersports, this will blow your mind. A destination full of beaches and waters, it will give you a relaxing and fun vacation. Fishing, sailing, museums and watersports and what not. It is worth every penny of yours.


9. Rishikesh, Uttarakhand:

Close to the national capital, this is another major touristy and sporty destination to visit. It is a sacred place and holds high religious significance. From rock climbing to trekking, rafting to kayaking, and mountaineering to what not, this is a dream destination for all the adventurers in India.


10. Coorg, Karnataka:

The magical greenery will surely steal your heat. A number of mystic waterfalls are waiting to be seen and adored here. Also do not forget to check out the coffee farms and the brilliant local cuisine. It is bound to be that one trip of your life which you would want to take over and over again.


That is all from my side. Feel free to give your feedback in the comments section below.


Image Source: heymarchetti on Flickr