“Mum, maybe the blue purse will match better”, “I had a similar jacket when I was young”; such statements form a crucial part of the beautiful & magical bond- the bond between the mother & her daughter.  Those long talks about deciding what to wear at the aunty’s third cousin’s wedding or those enquiries about the cute guy from college; those confessions & those memories from the past- the curators of these conversations- the mum & the daughter- aren’t they the best pair to travel the world for a vacation?  So where all could these two take their conversations to?



The view at Miami Beach


Well, I’m not saying this a perfect vacationing spot for this pair because of the hoards of good-looking guys & celebrities out here (well… that too…), but napping in the white sand here is a kind of new-found joy. Napping while engaging in talks, while crystal clear waters touch their feet is serene. Also if either of the two are fond of tanning, this beach can give them one for free!


The taste of New York


Not for the mummyji & beti who admire the aloo ke paronthe, rasaams & jalebis. This pair needs a vacation from the typical ghar-ka-khana. Talk about gyros to food trucks to nine-course meals; with dazzling combos, exotic sprinkles & global garnishing, it’s all in New York. We all knowwhat’s the conversation on their dining table, don’t we?


The peace at Himachal Pradesh

‘That skirt is too short!” “No, it isn’t.” “ You just don’t get me.” “But why do you keep on calling me when I’m with my friends?” “Stop interfering when I ‘m talking to your dad!”

 This pair’s arguments are no less dramatic than a husband-wife pair. The serenity dispatched by the fruit orchards, natural reserves, & city folks at Himachal Pradesh is a great rejuvenator & binder for this pair. And if they are yoga freaks, it just can’t get better!

Silence & smiles- that’s the conversation on this yoga mat!



The LBD from Milan

C’mon this pair can’t give a miss to the high heels, LBD  or shawl. They can startle themselves at the world’s first ever shopping mall Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II (a long name for a mall with a long list of startling of fashions to sell). Luxury, elegance & style- is the conversation right out of their shopping bag!



The music of bargain at Dubai


Bargaining is their skill? Dubai is an excellent destination for shopping, where smart bargaining works wonders. Best rates for products from all over the world is just music to the ears, isn’t it?  If gold is an interest, then visiting the Gold souk needs to be on the list. The duo needs to buckle up to be greeted by different types of gold displayed in 100 odd shops.




The middle-eastern air at Turkey

If art & culture runs in the bloodstream, this pair is going to have a bonne time exploring the immense array of antiques, detailed  architecture & folklore. The music blaring our from outdoor cafe’s topped with belly dancing nights will give them an Arabian nights tale to narrate.


The Southern-delight at Kerala


Fond of authentic Keralite cuisine, beaches, palm groves & temples? If this pair holds these interests, then it can’t get better to vacation by the backwaters at Kerala. The palm fringed beaches & ponds are leaving them spellbound!



The crazy rush at Orlando


This is for the duo who still has the kid hidden in them. Of all the theme parks, none beats the daring Universal Orlando. The rides, attractions & adventure picks out here can make the duo go ‘AAaaa’ in synch! Live music shows follow to soothe the thrill!


The dhumkaas at London


Heading to a club, with dear mommy as company. Unique fun! If this pair is fond of grooving with Dhumkaas, then London is the vacationing spot. What fun to go to a club and have the mother for company! And just when all the clubbing can make them tipsy, they can resort to nature. The panoramic view of London greets one with the iconic skylines, London Eye, Hyde park & more.



The filmy air at Switzerland

If this pair is a fan of Yash Chopra movies, then I’m sure they would love to spend their vacation in the Yash Chopra style. This city gives the pair the chance to indulge in filmy mountain adventures, winter sports & shop for the famous Swiss products.



Which vacationing spot are you taking your conversation to? Wherever you go, you know you have the most fantastic & beautiful company with you!


Contributed By: Jasmine Chabaria