So, are you ready for the entertainment that hits your TV this June when the world’s biggest sports event is going to take place? While the expectations are already roof-smashing, the love of football seems to know no bounds. Is there any country in the world more passionate about football than Brazil? Well guess what, it is a tough question to answer.

So here we have a list of top ten football crazy countries with locals as crazy as the ball rolling and spinning on a football field. What’s the best part about it, it not us but the football fans themselves who have come up with it.

  • Brazil
    “Five times champions, innumerable legendary players, football is in their blood.
  • Germany
    “A forever mighty force to reckon, always in the top three, they know how to change a game.”
  • Italy
    “They are considered to be in a life-blood relationship with football.”
  • Spain
    “Too many amazing players, a very strong contender to be the champions.”
  • Argentina
    “They live and breathe football and have everything needed to be the number one.”
  • Netherlands
    “They are the strategists. Their game is always full of excitement to watch.”
  • England
    “Absolutely smashing in major leagues. A very strong history to support their strength.”
  • Portugal
    “Though they never won any but they have had some exceptional players.”
  • France
    “One of the very first nations to play football, they have produced some of the best players in the history.”
  • Mexico
    “Full of young and energetic players, they just need to come together and they could rival any country in the world.”

Would you want to add to this list? Let us know in the comments section below.

Image Credits: vramak on Flickr