What is that one or many things that tells you what is the soul of a country? How do you anticipate what it will be like to be there, live there or visit? Isn’t it only fair to go there and see for yourself? Here is a list of ten things that define a country. That make it what it is. And no it is not something that I have made. It is what ten people have said when asked this one question: “What defines a country?”


  1. Culture
    “It is the best way to know how liberal or uptight a country is. The way they do things or the things they believe in, tells a lot about their personality.”
  2. People
    “Nothing else makes a country as much as the people do. If they are fun loving, the country would reflect the same. If they are not, then there is no point arguing.”
  3. History
    “The history is what shapes the present. In a good or a bad way. But it does. SO one should always look at the history of a country, it will very much give an idea of how it is now.”
  4. Hospitality
    “One simple thing that speaks millions. Just like it is ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ in India, it must be something everywhere else.”
  5. Music
    “Music is the best way to judge anyone and everyone. Even if it is a country, the kind of music they play or love speaks volumes about how it is.”
  6. Language
    “No kidding. Harder the language, harder it is to survive there. Especially if they are strict about knowing their language before visiting them, it is already a warning.”
  7. Art
    “Artists are the leaders. They are the ones who create ideologies and spread it through their art. The more artistic a place is the more rewarding it is to visit.”
  8. Food
    “It is all about food. The more variety someone has to offer, the more open they are to people from around the world visiting them. I think street food is the most authentic way to see what people are like, by what they eat.”
  9. Transport
    “No matter what you say, this one I tell you is the most important one. You cannot know a country if it is hard to travel from one corner to the other. Because you have already traveled miles to be there. And if it is a constant struggle, you may never enjoy being there.”
  10. Life
    “I don’t think it is one thing, I think it is a mix of all. All the things that one can think of. Basically combining all walks of life. I think it is everything that makes a country.”


That is what these people had to say. But what do you think? Tell us in the comments section below.