So, your twitter bio says you are a travel geek or travel freak or travel buff or maybe a travelist? This one has been written just for you. Here are eleven things that prove that you are addicted to travel in a perfect sense.You are always adding to your bucket list. So, it almost has the globe in it.

  1. You are always adding to your bucket list. So, it almost has the globe in it.
  2. You are constantly envying people on your timeline who are posting photographs of their trips & honeymoons.
  3. You have more than one option for your next trip and you just can’t make up your mind.
  4. You tell yourself you don’t need something because you’d rather use that money on your next trip.
  5. You daydream about it all the time because you can simply see yourself going there.
  6. You keep exploring things to do when you get there and the research mode is always on. The perfect luggage, shoes and clothes etc.
  7. You always keep an eye on airline offers and hotel vouchers.
  8. You keep an eye on the calendar for upcoming extended weekends, which you might make, use of for a mini getaway.
  9. You keep thinking of various scenarios that might happen and how you are going to deal with them.
  10. You keep telling yourself that the next trip is going to happen soon. And you don’t rest until it does.
  11. Travel blogs & pages become an intimate part of your feed and you can never have enough of them.

If that is not all, feel free to add your take to the list in the comments section below!


Image Credits:  martinak15