Music, a word that consumes the existence of every being just with seven musical notes and infinite rhythm. It has the power to turn an okay day into an awesome one. And similarly a calm city to a rocking one. And when it comes to live music, nothing is more thrilling than that.

So, I have compiled this list of incredibly musical cities that you just cannot miss if you are a true music lover. As tempting as it may sound, but I promise, this will change everything on your bucket list.

  1. London
    It is the ultimate destination for pubs & clubs that play all possible kinds of music to not let your feet rest. It has been the host of the most famous and loved musical acts of the world. It has an array of places to offer, no matter what you are looking for. Be it a gig or a concert, there is one pretty much every day. You love Jazz, Punk, Latin or Dubstep. There is all of these and a lot more here, just come over.
  2. Austin, Texas
    This had to be on the list, going by the fact that they have announced themselves as ‘The World’s Live Music Capital’. It is packed with base and blues, rock and jazz, this and that. It is infamous for its outdoor fests. And not just comedy but food and a truckload of fun that would keep you amused. And not just that, a whole other world of live acts all around the city.
  3. Ibiza
    If pubs and clubs are not your thing, Ibiza has these amazing open-air clubs and beach bars to lighten up your face. And no, it is not just dance music. Featuring genres like rock and electronic, Ibiza has moved a couple of notches higher in terms of a musical holiday destination. Summers here are all about DJs and live acts. You sure didn’t know that, did you?
  4. Berlin
    One of Europe’s finest and most remarkable music capitals, Berlin means epic Jazz cafes, underground electro clubs and a ‘party all nights’ scenario to begin with. All though majorly ruled by House and Techno music, but a trend of live acts has been seen by the music enthusiasts. An no, equally loved and attended are the local acts, which are pure magic.
  5. Havana
    How can I not include this one? The undisputed queen of a city made of cobbled stones and cheesy pizzas. Inspired by African and Spanish rhythms, the hot summer nights are much more mesmerizing and Rumba-tic. No matter what you are looking for, classic Cuban cafes or Salsa lessons, bustling bars or foot stomping pubs, you’ll find everything here.

All said and done, if you have a passion for music, these are the cities that have the potential to take it to another level. So tell me, where are you going first or which one tops your list in the comments section below.


Image Source: Jesus Solana on Flickr