Traveling to India in monsoons is the best thing you could do to yourself. And you need to know the right places to go if you want to experience the best of monsoons in India. Hence, here is a list of the most dramatic monsoon destinations in India, which you shouldn’t really miss out on.

  1. Leh & Ladakh Hit the North, near the Indus Valley is a town called Leh. This little piece of heaven has become one of the most loved monsoon destinations since 1974. What makes it scenic? It is surrounded by alpine desert, it is barren and is full of historic Buddhist monasteries
  2. Kerala As they say, ‘God’s own country’ It is all about coconut trees, house boats, beautiful beaches and lush greens all around. You just cannot refuse because you owe this treat to yourself. With all those special monsoon packages, no one would want to miss out on this little piece of monsoon heaven.
  3. Goa Although you don’t need a season to use as an excuse to be here, but monsoons are the best, no matter what. It is full of romance, fun, adventure and tourists. Do sailing, gliding, take a cruise ride, and go shopping, just whatever you feel like. This is the place for you.
  4. Udaipur The Venice of the East, is what they call it. A city of lakes and the Royals. The Sajjan Garh Palace here is itself a monsoon palace.  The city is surrounded by mountains and brings out the best of its flavors in the monsoon season.
  5. Coorg Embedded in the Western Ghats, this little hill station is just like one of those straight out of a romantic novel. It is famous for its beautiful coffee plantations as well. The Scotland of India, the greens and water bodies give it a surreal feel. For all the spiritual seekers, this is the best place to be in.

This is all from my side. Tell me if I am missing out on something in the comments section below.