The name Iceland is very deceptive. It portrays the island as a frozen part of the planet where only polar bears and penguins reside and you ought to be an Eskimo if you are visiting it between December – February. Here are a few reasons why you should totally visit Iceland in winter.

1. PAY LESS- The prices are quite low as compared to the other months since this is considered as “Off Season “. Many tour operators drop their prices to try and earn the business of the fewer travelers who happen to be in town.

Iceland Travel Cost

2. YOU WILL NOT TURN INTO A SNOWMAN- You are not in the North or South Pole. How much ever the name may deceive you, the temperatures usually fluctuate between 0-3 degrees. It is not really that cold.

Iceland temperature in December

3. LESSER CROWDS- You don’t have to struggle for space at The Blue Lagoon. Not too many people will be enjoying the geothermal spa along with you. You can relax in peace.

Blue Lagoon Iceland in Winter

4. MORE NIGHTLIFE- Longer nights means more nightlife. Walk down Laugavegur Street in the capital city at 5:30am and you’ll see people littered in the streets when the bars begin to close.

Night Life in Iceland

5. THE NORTHERN LIGHTS- You can easily take night trips from Reykjavik up north to catch a glimpse of the aurora borealis, one of the best ways to catch extraterrestrial activity on Earth. Also, you’ll see one of the best starry skies imaginable.

Aurora Borealis Iceland

What is your reason to visit Iceland this Winter?