Funny how you were once a free bird who could just make random plans and steal a few days for holidaying. Does it all sound a distant dream now? First time parents? First time traveling with your baby? Confused?

I know how things have changed for you, and you are reading this means you are definitely looking for a way out. Don’t worry, I have come up with this very clever list of things which will keep troubles away from you and your baby happy. Don’t believe me? Read on.


  1. Pack strategically
    This would save you a lot of trouble. You know what the baby needs first and foremost and what could come later. The emergency clothes, the comfort clothes, the nap stuff, everything should be arranged and pack keeping in mind that when it is called for, you are able to find it in time. And even if someone else is looking for it, they can locate it easily.
  2. Regular Naps
    Now traveling is a hard business. Smooth at times but mostly tiring. What works best at such time is to work on their nap schedule. Regular naps will keep them from getting bored. They are going to be calmer and more in a position to enjoy the vacation. As it is they will be adapting to the change in location and temperatures. Mind you, babies are really sensitive to all this. If they could talk, you’d know.
  3. Emergency Food
    This holds the utmost importance in the field of traveling with the baby. You have to have it handy and ready. It has to be easy on stomach and something the baby likes or is familiar with. Nothing could distract them better.
  4. Medical Prescriptions
    Now you never know what health surprises await you at the destination. The baby might be allergic to something or uneasy because of the other. You have to carry a separate medical kit for the baby that includes everything that would be necessary in all possible scenarios. Better forearmed.
  5. Toys
    And last but not the least, the baby’s toys are their treasured possession. They just cannot do without them. And the moment they start feeling not at home, they are bound to miss their most favorite things about home. Their toys are the major role players there. They can be easily calmed down in case of comfort emergency, by letting them play with their toys.

Hope that helps. How will we know? Please do comment in the space below and let us know if we missed out on something here.