Pets are more than just pets, they are family. This is something everyone who has or has had a pet agrees with. You never for once forget to count them when you are doing anything. Let’s say a vacation, for a master it means a time in peace but not alone. The pet has to be a part of it.

And keeping in mind this very feeling, I present to you a list of the seven most pet friendly countries. So you don’t have to drop the idea of a foreign vacation just because you didn’t know what it would be like to take your pet along.

It is infamous for its pet friendly outlook. Your cutie could sit right there in your lap while you are at a restaurant. You don’t even have to think twice before taking a bus or boarding a metro. There are even taxi services that allow a dog inside, happily. And there is of course, enormous space to play and have fun with.



When in Italy, pets are loved more than anything. There is an array of hotels that would let your pet in. The streets are filled with people walking their dogs, you do not have to worry about a companion for your little fluffy. And on top of it, the people just adore pets and tourists.



One of the world’s most tolerant city, pets are loved madly and completely. There are parks and places to take your pet to. There are path to walk them. As beautiful as it is quiet. There are zones which ensure children’s safety, so you don’t have to sweat a bit.


I have always been in love with the mesmerizing fiords of Norway and just be there. And just imagine, your four legged friends can accompany you while you are at it. It is priceless. You can simply sit back and enjoy because minor things like diet etc. will be taken care of by the hosts. You could just walk around together and enjoy the vacation.


There is a dog breed to their name, what else do you expect? They are the ultimate pet lovers. Now, picture yourself on a bike with your darling in the basket. You can take it to all the famous places and click pictures. And when hungry, simply leash them and sit in the nearest cafes. There are hotels, B&Bs and rental accommodations that are as much in love with pets as you.


Well, though there are some rules to be followed, but as long as the little friend is calm and mannered, they are most welcomed. There could be nothing more enchanting than a mix of rules and freedom. And no matter what, the people are so warm that you and the little fellow is not going to be bored, ever.


Pets are not just pets here, they are a part of life, and they are family. They can be seen taking walks on the streets and loved to no limits. With a plethora of pet friendly travel options and hotels, it is a dream destination for all the pet lovers. Pets are heartily welcomed in almost every corner and adored.
That should be it for now. But do not forget to tell us what more you’d like to add to the above list in the comments section below.