You know how just walking around at times makes you fall in love with a place. There are cities that fit that description perfectly. You simply see them and suddenly it becomes so hard to catch your breath. They are so full of romance that you never want to leave the sight of them. Listed below are a few of those that will give you butterflies and much more.


The city of water as they say. It is beautiful and charming at the same time. You might want to just hold your partner’s hand and get lost on the cobblestoned pathways of the city. There is a lot about the narrow streets. The hidden bridges too have a story to tell. Take a stroll down here, you will know what it’s all about.

This is the land of fashion and art. And such a wonderful sight it is to see love fuse with these and make something as beautiful as Eiffel Tower. Walks along the roads have inspired many to write songs. One of the best loved cities by couples from around the world.

There could be no better place to justify the scenic beauty in the minds of poets. With its fairytale architecture, a romantic walk holding hands would be dream come true. The castles are enough to incite the romantic in you.

The world’s most dazzling city, it goes way back. Romance is a part of its heritage that has engulfed the whole city in a way that you cannot escape the mood once you step on its roads. With the medieval ruins and ancient cathedrals, romance is bound to be your companion.

With its red-roofed view, this city leaves visitors love-struck. The Renaissance ambience of Florence gives it a amorous storybook atmosphere, especially for lovers. This is a magical setting filled with works by the most famous artists of all times.

The city of romantic walks around the pedestrian streets, this would fill your heart with love. And if you need some rest, there are horse carriages straight out of the fairytales. The couples come here to experience what the kings and queens must have felt like.

Set on the banks of the Saint Lawrence River, it may be one of the oldest cities in North America. The French essence in the capital is what will make your heart skip a beat. Nothing could be a better escape for someone in love.

That is what we had to tell, in case you have something to share too, simple drop a comment below.

Image Source:  Thomas Leuthard on Flickr