Goa is the ultimate party place. Inexpensive booze and vast beaches help make it a holiday destination worth millions. There are also beautiful architectural marvels to gaze at. And we just wanted to make sure you wouldn’t miss out on anything important while you are there. Here is a list of things you should never miss to do when you go Goa.

  • Shop
    Shop till you drop. There is so much to see and so little time that you’ll want the days to be longer than they are. It is a street shoppers paradise. Skirts to hats, jumpsuits to scarves, everything is there and you’d just want to swim in them.
  • Get Inked
    Small or big, it has a plethora of artists who would love to paint your body black and blue, literally I mean. Do get a tattoo, it will make an awesome memory. Get quotes written or art made, but it is sure to make you feel good when you look at it after coming back.
  • Beaches
    Ah… This is one thing you will never get enough of in Goa. Beaches, beaches everywhere. Clean and cold water, gushing waves, sand smooth under your bare feet, you’ll never be tired of walking along the beachside.
  • Eat
    You are near the sea for god’s sake, if you still don’t eat sea food, you’ll never fall in love with it. And not just sea food, it is a food heaven, so have all the possible things that you can. Do no, I repeat, do not miss out on any dish.
  • Bike Ride
    You can rent bikes and scooters and feel like you own the place. A mini road trip would introduce you to the most brilliantly beautiful parts of the city. Simply take a ride in the streets of Goa, and do like the Goans do.
  • Churches
    Beautiful French and Portuguese cathedrals await you. Old, vintage and mesmerizing. They will never cease to amaze you. And you will never want to leave the place. Honestly they are that good.
  • Spa
    What is a vacation for? If put in one word, to chill. Oops, those are two. Anyways, simply chill in the city, please yourself with the variety of spa treats the city has to offer, you are going to love it. Each and every nerve of your body will sing happy songs, I promise.
  • Party
    As I said, it is a party place so once you are done retreating and refreshing, get partying people. It is the home for wackiest beach, rave and club parties. You can actually party every day as it is so full of life.

That is all from our end, but if you have a tip or two to share, feel free to tell us in the comments section below.