Are you bored of all the places that you have seen photos of or heard a lot about? Are you one of those who thinks the famous ones are overrated places to visit? Then this one is for you. Here is a list of some unconventional Indian destinations to visit. Read on and pick whichever interests you.

  1. Key Monastery
    Located high in the east of Himachal Pradesh, is the beautiful Spiti valley and is one of the most untouched destinations that could give you a taste of pure nature. The beautiful monastery and surroundings are almost impossible to reach in winters. But to build such a structure in the 14th century, that too at a height of 4112 meters, is impeccable example of human will and creativity.
  2. Pangong Lake
    A scenic five hour drive from Leh, it is situated at an altitude of 4350 meters. It is spread from India to Tibet representing the presence of nature at its best. The most beautiful blue color you will ever see, it is just so untouched from the modern human errands. If you are a bird watcher, you are going to fall in love with this place since it is a home to exceptionally wide variety of bird species.
  3. The Rann of Kutch
    Have you ever seen a white desert? If you haven’t then this is something you just cannot not visit. Sharing boundaries with Pakistan, it is the world’s largest salt desert. In the month of December to March, it is a beautiful affair that offers various dance festivals, camping, safari and hot air ballooning activities. Step out in a full moon night and I promise you’ll never want to leave the place.
  4. Nubra Valley
    Also known as ‘Moonland’ it is mountains all around and all over. Winters are so bold here that you can’t even dream of reaching the place since it turns very inhospitable. But otherwise it is a beautiful green valley that is met by two rivers and is in the middle of the Karakoram Range. Come summers and enjoy the pink and yellow gardens of roses and in autumns, the beautiful lavenders all around. The beauty is to die for.
  5. Valley of Flowers
    Have you seen the movies where the lead couple dances and there are flowers for as long as you can see? Guess what, there is a place for real that looks just like it. In the beautiful Gharwal hills lies the most beautiful flower valley ever. The wilds of Nanda Devi National Park await you. Spread over a ninety square kilometers it is a home for the amazing tulips, orchids, poppies etc. The place is the best to have that movie like feel with your better half.
  6. Dhanushkodi
    How about going to the southernmost tip of Rameshwaram? And what lies there is no treat I tell you but mesmerizing in its own way. A jinxed place where about 1800 lives were taken by a cyclone in 1964, lies a ghostly place, which has survived through rough weathers and twists and turns of fate and still managed to survive. Though not many people can be seen there today but you could easily spot the Adam’s bridge which holds a great significance in mythology.
  7. Khajjar
    If you have always dreamt of being in the mountains of Switzerland then this is probably the best mini Switzerland for you. In the district of Chamba, Himachal Pradesh, it is the most picturesque destination ever. Dense green forests, beautiful and clear lakes, meadows, deodar trees and mountain ranges, it is the best of nature you will see.


Now pick one and visit. Do tell us if you’d like to add something in the comments section below.