What are foodies made of? I’ll tell you, part travel and major part food. And all they want to do is just take on the world and keep eating. Their passion takes them to places and beyond. Because great cuisine is what their heart beats for. So here is a list of places all food lovers must visit once in their lives.


Be it fashion or food, New York is undoubtedly the ultimate food capital. With innumerous restaurants and food joints it offers all the possible cuisines of the world in a wide budget range. You could actually go around the world in 80 plates and still not spend more than a couple of minutes traveling. Just hold your breath and enter the heaven of food.



If you are a fish lover, the Tsukiji Fish Market alone would alone take your breath away. An enormous number of pounds of fish is a daily sell for this market. If you prefer casual dining, hop on. This little food paradise will amaze you.



Yes, Paris! It is more than just Fashion. It is food. Lots and lots of food. Pastries, cakes, breads, wines and all the possible things you’d fancy, you’ll find the best here. You’ll feel no less than royal when you step into the fine dining restaurants of the city. The best part is always being served with a smile. Oh, nothing is more fulfilling than that.



Why did this enter the list? I ask why not? Mr. Oliver and Mr. Ramsay are both from this fine piece of land. It has amazing food markets which offer the freshest food and it shows when you are eating at a nearby restaurant. There is not a single cuisine that you would miss out on if you go on an eating spree in London.



Now if you are a street food lover, Bangkok is the word. Full of aromas and flavors, you’ll have no option than to give in to the temptation of all the vivid foods at display while walking down on a street here. Spicy or sour, sweet or salty, whatever you love the most, you will find here. It is a cultural mix here, and hence reflects in the cuisine of this wonderful place.



Did you think it is just the Latin dance that is hot? Then you probably haven’t heard about the food. The most unusual cuisine and served with great love is what you’ll find here. It sure is slowly getting remarkable international recognition. It is the most creatively fused cuisine with flavors from almost all the nations.



Food here means serious business but all the things other than business. It is not just supper here, it is their religion. Every step you take, you’ll be surprised by another blast of flavors. No other place matches the passion for food people have here. Do not forget to try out the local wines while you are here.


So what are you waiting for? Just come and fall in love with them. Tell us how you liked the article in the comments section below.