The cameras were a thing of studios in the past. Gone are those days. Everyone now has cameras, be it in their phone or a DSLR. But how many of them actually know what to do with it? I personally got fascinated by camera when I was in class sixth and was visiting Taj Mahal. I made a Korean friend who had a camera, a silver colored little digital camera. I fell in love.

And now as I write this article, I have turned into a serious photographer. Hence the post. What exactly to do with your camera while on a trip. Let’s hit it then.

  1. Keep it with you, all the time. I’m not saying shoot all the time, I am saying just keep it close, as close as your life depends on it.
  2. Take it out, every time you see something that impresses or amazes you. If a person or a thing makes you smile, click.
  3. You are half friendly and half scary with a device like that in your hand. People are intimidated by it. So be careful not to scare people. But use it to appear friendly.
  4. Use it for more than just shooting. Strike a conversation with the vendor on the street and know him a little. Seek permission and shoot him. You’ll always have a story to tell about that picture.
  5. See first. See through your eyes, study, and then put a composition to it. Do all this before you actually click.
  6. Click judiciously. Not only it saves battery but getting one good picture out of a lot of 500 is not great. Know your subjects and know the destination.
  7. Keep it aside for a while. It is a camera, not a machine gun. You are a traveler not a soldier at war. So put it aside and be in the place.

And when you think you could do all this, you deserve to treat yourself. How did you like the article, tell us in the comments section below.