So there are always two sides of a coin. No matter how much Bollywood has made us fall in love with monsoons. The thing is there are still people who don’t really love it as much as most of us do. And here is why:

  1. Everything is just so wet. The roads, the clothes, public transport. And it just follows you everywhere. You cannot stay dry while you are out.
  2. You can’t have street food. It is highly likely to get jaundice or diarrhea and since you cannot afford to stay in bed for a week or so, you don’t eat it.
  3. Plans change like the profile pictures of a social media addict. Just that they do it willingly and you have no choice but to do it. And after a point of time, you just stop making plans.
  4. Getting stuck. In office, at home, at the bus stop, at the railway station, in the traffic jam and to top it, the road blocks that make you change ways a zillion times.
  5. Thinking thrice before taking your gadgets with you like cellphone, laptop, camera or music player. And finding out most creative ways to protect them from getting wet.
  6. Always carrying an umbrella since the weather is unpredictable. There might be sun when you left and raining cats and dog a couple of kilometers away.
  7. The eternal longing to see the sun and dry roads. Dry clothes and all other things dry. How it seems a thing of past.

That is my top seven. What are yours? Feel free to leave comments on the same.