Its that time of the year when we welcome the Rains again. Many people do crib about the never-ending rainy season. But these lovely showers actually give you many reasons to just love them wholeheartedly.


Refreshing Smell of Earth


You can’t deny the smell of the earth when the first rains just hit the land. So this smell actually takes us back to the childhood when this use to be a refresher from the deviling summers and just an indication to welcome the rain gods.


Impeccable greenery


The advent of rains act as a natural bath for the flora and fauna. The green color becomes brighter leaving behind the scenic beauty to look upon.


Long Drives


The lush green beauty actually compels you to go on long drives without knowing any destination. It doesn’t even matter what type of transport you take whether its a car or just an Activa or simply a bicycle ride. Trust me the ride can’t get better than this.


Chai and Pakoda


Another reason to love rains is this combination that I guess no Indian would like to miss. It just goes staple especially when its a Sunday and makes meet the whole family to enjoy it together.


Football in Rains


These rains actually give you a reason to go all crazy. For me playing football in the rains is the best part where you get all drenched and don’t even care about what’s going to happen because all you are busy in is playing and enjoying.


That window of your house and the favorite book


When was the last time, you were out of all the tensions and chilling at home. Imagine an awesome day when you are home alone with a book you would love to read and witnessing the rains from your window.


Simply get drenched


Above all the reasons getting drenched can be the easiest reasons to love rains. Getting out of the comfort zone and simply getting drenched and playing in the rains gives you that happiness when you meet the hidden child inside you.


So let that child just come out of you to enjoy the lovely rains leaving behind all the worries and tensions. And pick your favorite reason to bask the rainy season.


Contributed by: Prachi Karnawat