Monsoons in India are most dramatic in the whole wide world. Not just us but also everyone says it. As much as we depend on it, it can be really cruel at times. Here is all you need to know about the Indian monsoons.

It mainly comes around June and leaves around September.  All thanks to the fantastic geographical position that India has attracting the southwest monsoon cause by the low-pressure situation due to the extreme heat of the Thar Desert and nearby. Moist breezes form the Indian Ocean try and cover up the space but since the Himalayas are up there guarding, they fail to pass and rise instead. Which then forms clouds and makes it rain.

But if you are a chaser, you could catch the very first rainfall in the southernmost tip of Kerala, Kovalam. Since it is not a one-time thing it gradually builds up. But when it actually comes is something unannounced and pleasing. And when the heavy showers, thunders and beautiful lightening hits, you can be sure the mean business.

Why is it one of the most interesting seasons to see India you ask? Well, first of all, no crowd. And since it will be off-season, the airfares will make your pocket super happy. Even the hotels are up for bargains. But the cherry is to get to see India all young and beautiful.

So yes, it might seem like a tough task, but trust me it isn’t. It will make a perfect journey. I mean look at Bollywood, all the beautiful songs are shot in rain. The best of travel photography is from this season since the light is so beautiful to shoot in? So what are you waiting for? Monsoon has just begun, simply plan a trip and get going.