Coco Chanel said,” I don’t do Fashion, I am Fashion.” She couldn’t have described the word any better, could she? The essence of the line is be yourself and be so confident in doing so that the world even follows your shadow. When the words fashion and women are used in the same sentence, the reference is always to their clothes & accessories, shoes & handbags, hair do & makeup but very rarely towards their professional choices, work attitude, managerial smartness and leadership skills. We firmly believe that it is the combination of these qualities that shape any women. This year on International Women’s Day we celebrate this fabulous bundle of attributes which make a woman truly fashionable.

India, the developing fashion house of the world is proud to be a home to many such models. On the 66th Republic Day parade, the three wings of the Indian Armed Forces-the Army, Navy and Air Force had an all women contingent. Also it was the first time that a woman officer, Wing Commander Puja Thakur, led the guard of honor to welcome the US president Barack Obama at the Rashtrapati Bhavan. Her sharp and confident march is what we call fashion. Her style reflected her persona, her dedication towards her duty and that is a commendable quality to possess. Kalpana Chawala- the first Indian born woman to go into space was another one of such powerful woman who inspired many with her grit and determination. Chhavi Rajawat is an MBA who quit her super cool corporate job in a booming telecom company to uplift the condition of her village, Soda. She is the first woman sarpanch of India and has been working relentlessly for the betterment of her fellow villagers. Rain water harvesting, toilets facilities are amongst the numerous projects she has implemented. We identify with her not because of her attire but because of her attitude. She is a woman of substance who has taken India a step forward with her actions even if it is only a baby step. Another star woman who made the nation proud is Reena Kaushal Dharmshaktu. A mountaineer by profession, she is the first Indian woman to reach South Pole. After meeting about 100 corporate houses and politicians she got the financial backing that she needed to participate in the sport. Her persistence and belief are the jewels that make her forever fashionable. She inspires the nation to test the deep waters and not give up.

Indian women have proved their mettle in all strata’s of the industry. Saina Nehwal, Indra Noyee, Vidya Balan, Ritu Kumar, Chanda Kochchar, Mary Kom, Mithali Raj, Zoya Akhtar, Kiran Bedi, RJ Malishka are few examples and their achievements need no mention. Each one of them dresses up in free flowing passion and shoes of strength every morning before walking out of the house. They don’t need men to back them or compliment them. These women have made India fashion forward with their skills, whether its words, actions, decision making power, sensible yet strong leadership style , effective communication, awesome imagination or simply just the ease and comfort with which they perform.

This Women’s Day let’s not stick to the cliche of thanking her or cooking for her. Women are not restricted to shopping and style alone. It’s not gifts and flowers that please them always. She needs respect and appreciation for what she does. She needs to be assured that any road she chooses to tread along is correct. Let us together tell her that she will no longer have to struggle to fulfill her dreams.

This Women’s Day lets tell her she is “Trusted All Over The World” to be fashionable in her actions.