The sizzling sound of the dosa batter on the black pan amidst Chennai streets; the gushing of the sugarcane sticks into the juice maker on Mumbai Streets & the aroma of  the chaat in Delhi’s Khan market- already salivating?

So all you foodies, let me take you to 10 places across the world which are going to leave you finger-licking. This is the kind of food you will want to put into your bag! Caution: You may put on several kilos just by reading about yummylicious food destinations.

The semi-legal food: Chicago

The famous food trucks aren’t allowed on Chicago streets. REALLY? This is because cooking on the street isn’t welcomed. However, this sure hasn’t refrained people from getting their food carts out! If you love cheese, then hog out of these carts: Mac & cheese, Meatballs & the famous naan-wichs instead of sandwichs are up for grabs.  You’ll also come across day-specific food carts: Food Truck Tuesdays/ Thursdays. There ‘sa speciality daily!

Street-food hard-core fan: Bangkok, Thailand

If you too love street-food more than any other kind of food, this place is your take! Throughout the city, you will come across make-shift street snack stalls: fried sweet bananas, fish curry, stinky fruit. Yes, stinky fruit. It’s quite fragrant yet appetisingly stinky. Try it, you’ll know!

OMG Kebabs: Istanbul, Turkey

Kebabs with naan make most of us blurt “My day is made!”. Well if you want your day to be ‘more-than made’, and make it food-struck; fly to Istanbul for the turkish doner kebabs sprinkled with lemon juice & traditional garnishings. A bite of it & your mouth is belly-dancing with joy!

Ravishing rices: Iran

Love Biryani? Alright so you do love biryani. How about exploring more of the middle-eastern meaty biryanis. The baghali pulao made out of beans out of Jack  & the beanstalk’s story is a must for the spoon in your hand. Jujeh (chicken) kebabs & chelo (different meats) kebabs are the national dishes, served with dhoog (Iranian Lassi), grilled tomatoes & salads.

Every pulao here is starking with the most expensive spice in the world- saffron!

Popular Pastas: Italy

Travelling to the country which is well-know for its pastas, why not?

The authentic penne, dry, meaty, cheesy, crispy, spicey- whatever style that you require, it’s all adorned here. Don’t forget your glass of red wine.

Countryside food: Traverse city, Michigan

If you are the healthy foodie, then travelling to Traverse City for its country-side food is a healthy option. Being the cherry capital of the world, the food items from local farms & dairies are a flush of freshness. Talking about ‘healthy’, let me touch upon the drink for the heart- wine. The Leelanau Peninsula & Old Mission Peninsula are the noted wine regions out here.

Food truck Fame: New York City

Fancy the food-trucks?

Junk food level?

If you gave out twin-yes responses to the above two questions, then this is the place on your plate.

You can tour around donuts, hot dogs, pretzels, waffles, super-large burgers & gigantic fries.

Soupy tales: Vietnam

If you love soups more than water, then Vietnam needs to carved into you plate. The Canh Chua, a type of fish soup for the seafood lovers is a must. The typical soup found in almost every nook & corner here is the pho. It’s known for its savoury taste. Pho for you!

3-in-1 meal: Udaipur India

The gem of the princely state of Rajasthan, Udaipur offers you the three-in-one signature meal Daal baati chorma. This is out to bestow you with a 360 degree taste. It’s like travelling to one place, but acquiring the foodie tastes from several regions. This plate offers Spiced lentils (Daal), baked dumplings topped with ghee (baati) whole-wheat sweet balls, sometimes sprinkled with dryfruits (chorma). This is leaving you with a princely taste in your mouth!

Tempura for your Temper: Japan

The foods in Japan are for the people with varied food interests: seafood, fried as well as light, veggie platters. Out of all of these, you can’t miss the Tempura. It’s light (helps you cool off your temper as per myth), assorted with veggies & sauce. Heavenly is just the perfect word for it.

So which place is on your plate next?


Contributed by Jasmine Chabaria