Do you always end up struggling when it comes to Packing? Worried about entangled earphones and chargers? Still wondering how to keep your jewelry safe? Falling short of space always? If yes, then these packing hacks were made for you.

1.Use straws to carry skincare products- Just fill in your moisturizer, night cream etc. in these straws instead of carrying those large bottles. Burn the ends of the straws to seal them.

Straw Hacks

2.Roll your clothes instead of folding- Rolling your clothes saves up a lot of space. You can pack them in plastic bags to save even more space.

Rolling Your Clothes  Saves Space

3.Simply refill- Do not buy the toothpaste travel pack every time you travel. Instead, simply refill.

Toothpaste Refill

4.Stuff up your shoes- You can use the space inside your shoes to stuff socks and underwear.

Stuff Shoes With Socks

5.Fold your Blazer inside out to avoid wrinkles

Fold Blazer to Save Space

6.Use a belt to keep the collar stiff

Belt Used to Keep Collar   Stiff

7.To prevent leakage from toiletries, use masking tape or plastic wrap.

Masking Tape to Avoid   Leakage

8.Old shower caps can be used to protect the bottoms of your shoes

Shower Caps to Protect   Shoes

9.Put your razor inside a binder clip to avoid injuries

Razor Inside a Binder Clip

10.Put your necklace in a straw to prevent it from getting entangled

Prevent Necklace From   Entanglement

11.Use empty chap stick to store valuables

Use Chapstick to Store   Valuables

Do you have your own packing tips? Drop in a comment below and share it with us.