Hog like it’s the end (although you know it isn’t)! Scream as if everyone loves hearing your voice (even if nobody does)! Ask the weirdest of questions (because most likely you will never meet the locals again. This is a brief of what crazy travelling consists of. And why should you be a crazy traveller? Here are 5 reasons:


  1. Loosen up kid

Monotony & routine is what we are governed by. IT’S TIME TO LOOSEN UP ON YOUR UPCOMING TRIP! The upper case clearly shows the need to loosen up. As much as your taste buds love eating pani-puri or pizzas occasionally, even your mind & bones need to get some rest. Dive into the pool with straightened hair or set off to the Dubai desert safari in the heat. Ultimately who cares if you’re hair isn’t in place for a day or you are tanned for a week. No body! (Short memory by default!)



2. You can get that awkward selfie on

“Reclick” “Pose” “Oh, one more…”

It’s time you beat the stress out of getting yourself click. No matter how messy, dark, fat, weird, sick you look in a picture, don’t ask for one more click. Infact, put on the most awkward expression & click yourself. Well, because you’re out on a holiday & you can never get such click when you need to click a passport or office team picture.


3. You can act dumb


What’s the best part about travelling to a new place? It’s new! You are new to it! There’s absolutely no reason to know the rules, know the language or know the routes. You can crazily stroll, get lost, act lost, ask anyone anything (obviously be careful with pick-up lines unless you’re fond of a slap on the cheek) without having to be judged.  This is when the mind tells you “I like this break… quite a lot!”



4.  You can play innumerable pranks


Another thing about holidaying in a new place is that 99/100 people don’t know you. After your childhood years, this is the best opportunity to play a prank on them.  Hints? Scream in their ear & run away or place a roach outside the next-door of your hotel room. 99/100 times you wouldn’t meet them ever again (Oh… you ‘just say’ that you would).  So who cares? Nobody!







5. Sing/ Dance pathetically in the middle of the footpath


We, as social beings, are highly conscious of what ‘everyone’ will think of us. ‘Everyone’ includes people you will never know in your lifetime. But it’s not everyday that you go crazy infront of these people who make you extremely conscious about nothing. So up for a… let’s call it a ‘challenge’? Sing horribly & break a crazy leg infront of the crowd in Rishikesh, Times Square or Baker  Street.



We’ve reached the end. So let me sum up the reasons by saying YOLO!


Contributed By: Jasmine Chabaria
Image By: Dmitry Terekhov