What makes you a traveler? Is it your passion for it? Or the fact that travel is what makes you feel alive when you are out, somewhere on earth that you have never been to. Or you can’t make out the difference but you are somewhere there. You are the person who likes to travel in the spur of the moment. Unplanned and awesome.

We know how almost every traveler faces difficulties answering a few questions posed by their loved ones like, “How will you manage, it is a foreign land and you don’t even know the language?”

Here we have five ace tips to help you nail all your travels fashionably. Read on.

  • Know the Place
    Read all you can about the place you want to go to, because you might not know when the opportunity knocks your door. And you would want to be ready. You can’t prepare on the flight, can you? What languages or phrases are going to aid you from being lost. What all foods are a must try and what all places not to miss. If you have all those things clear, rest will be sorted.
  • Sketch Out a Rough Itinerary
    It really doesn’t hurt. Jotting down all the research in pointers will only act as a guide for your travel. Not only that, it will also make you set your priorities and not waste time going in opposite directions now and then.
  • Make a Few Calls
    Though it is fascinating, the living it on the edge thing. It won’t hurt to make a few calls and book some things. Like your cab or hotel and other stuff. Even an opera if present. Making reservations keeps life easy. It gives you a clear timeline and idea of what to expect.
  • Get Going
    Now that you have done all that, nothing should stop you from starting the journey. Just pack whatever you need the most and take it. Simple get up and get going. Don’t let anything delay the journey once you are all set to take the trip.
  • Keep It Positive
    Now what happens the most is that the traveler is overwhelmed with excitement and might not be able to pay heed to small little things on the way. So, keep both the eyes open, look around, see and absorb. Enjoy the fun in it and be positive. It is going to be a hell of a successful trip.

And while you are at it. Click lots of pictures, make lots of memories. Do send in a few pictures. Don’t forget to keep it fashionable.