Is it that time of the year when you battle with options, looking for the perfect gift for your partner? Or maybe you’re one of those people who have no options at all. Well either way, if your partner loves travel, this list could be your life saver. We’ve put together some of the most loved items among travelers all over. Here goes..

1.Customized Map Cufflinks
It’s a great way of carrying around a reminder of a place/country that holds special for the both of you.

Map Cufflinks

2.Hand-woven Cap
There is nothing like a gift with a personal touch. Weave a warm woolen cap to keep him warm while he’s travelling to a place like ICELAND.

Hand-Woven Cap

3.Music Headphones
Music is the best pass time when you are stuck in the train for hours at a stretch. Also, there is nothing like relaxing under the stars listening to your favorite song.

Music Headset

4.Scratch World Map
Help your beloved one decorate his house and let him /her show off where they’ve been with this Scratch World Map

Gift a Scratch World Map

5.Waterproof Loafers
It’s the bane of the outdoor enthusiast: finding sandals or loafers that are waterproof, sturdy, gripping, and comfortable. Sort out the traveler’s life by gifting him or her one.

Waterproof Sandals

A portable hammock is like carrying your own comfort wherever you go.

Portable Hammock

A backpack is a traveller’s best friend. A nice and spacious backpack is sure to bring a smile on his face.

Travel Backpack

8.Portable Bluetooth Keyboard
Travel blogging is a big part of almost every traveler’s life. If your significant other is one of them, a portable Bluetooth keyboard used with an iPad or any other smart phone would make life so much easier.

Portable Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad & Smartphones

9.Quirky Passport Holder
A quirky/stylish passport holder would lift anyone’s spirit!

Stylish Passport Holder

10.Aqua Vault
Everyone worries about keeping his or her valuables safe while taking a swim at the beach or pool. The aqua vault will let you enjoy your time in the water without any stress.

Outdoor Safety Lock Box

11.World Clock
This simple looking gadget redefines the functionality of a traditional world clock. It may look really plain, but it can display 24 different time zones just by rolling it around.

World Time Clock

Hope this will sort out your gifting troubles. If you have any other gifting ideas, drop in a comment below.