Glamping is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. A combination of ‘glamorous’ and ‘camping’, Glamping brings the comfort of a hotel to the great outdoors. Glamping can be one of the dreamiest experiences you can ever have.

Glamping appeals to almost anyone but there are a lot of couples especially honeymooners who are very interested in it. Endless starry skies, a slight nip in the air and warmth of a bonfire – the perfect ingredients for a romantic night out.

The first step to planning a successful glamping getaway is to figure out geographically where you’re looking to go. Are you looking to go to Africa for a safari, or to Europe and explore glampsites as you explore different countries in Europe, or maybe for an American westerner experience? Once you are sure about the location, set your budget to decide how much you’re willing to spend.

Once you have decided all of the above, make sure you go through plenty of reviews. How was the stay, what activities did they do, what are the amenities that they offer, etc are extremely important points.

Glamping is gaining popularity not only abroad but in India too. Following are some places which offer you amazing Glamping experiences here in India:


-The Ultimate Traveling Camp, Thiksey, J&K

-The Nimmu House,  Ladakh

The Ahsan Mouint Resort,  Sonamarg

-The Grassroot Camp, Kerala


The following Websites will help you with a lot of camping options abroad


In the end, don’t forget that Glamping is not one of your regular vacations. It’s an experimental travel opportunity. So when are you going Glamping?