We all love to travel, but is it the travel part or the rest of it. Most of the times, traveling could be boring, especially when you are bound to a restricted space, like in a flight. Here are ten simple things you could do to not get bored while in a flight. They might or might not be new to you, but putting them all together here is still a good idea because they could save you from extreme boredom.

Catch up on all the sleep you have lost while planning this trip. All the stress and anxiety you faced. You are finally on it. No, you didn’t miss your flight. And in case you forgot something, you must have figured the plan B by now, so just sleep.

You could read, if you are a fond reader. You could read the in-flight magazines, the safety manual, newspaper, books. Read anything that keeps you occupied. It might take your mind off from the midair nervousness.

Food is a privilege. Ask the crew whatever is special in that particular flight. Try it, give reviews. Try more. Just pamper your taste buds for as long as you can.

Doesn’t matter if you are an artist or not. Simply pick a tissue or your sketchbook, pens or pencils whatever you have and start scribbling. Draw what is on your mind, what is around you or what you want.

Write about your travel. How you ended up in that particular flight. Or what is on your mind at that point of time. Just write all that comes to your mind. It might turn into a beautiful journal.

Now this involves a little risk. Is the person next to you a little warm and welcoming? Can you strike up a little conversation with them? Would you have something in common to talk about? There are a lot of such questions to wonder about, but stop wondering, just talk and find out.

Be it a camera or your phone (make sure it is on airplane mode), click whatever you are seeing around you. It could be a close up shot of something or something right out of your window. A plane passing by, you never know.

Is there a little screen set up there? Watch stuff. Or just look out of your window. You might be flying over a piece of land that is good to look at from up there.

Music is the way to go. It has been every traveler’s last resort always. Simply plug in your earphones and chillax.

The best thing you could do is plan all the motion and events once you land. What all you want to do the moment you step out of the airport and the whole while you are on that trip.

Just in case you have any more ideas, feel free to fill in the comments section below.