How hard is choosing a luggage to travel? As if it isn’t already difficult enough to plan the travel, make reservations and complete other formalities. There are always two ways to make your choice. One is what you all have been experiencing till now, when you go on a trip and regret the luggage you took. And the other is smart way, which you are about to know. So, Here I present to you, five simple rules to pick the right luggage for your travel. Always ask yourself these questions and your travel is sorted.

  • Where are we headed?
    Is it a leisure or business trip? What is the mode of travel, air or train? The destination is hills or plains?
  • For how long?
    Is it a short trip? Or a week long vacation? Or you have no idea how long it will last? Things you will need depend on the durations itself, so it becomes essential to figure that out too.
  • What all do we need?
    Do we need to take formals or casuals? Accessories are in good amount or just minimal stuff? The things you need will determine the size of your luggage.
  • Extra bag?
    Also, in case of a long excursion, you might need an extra bag. So instead of buying one large, you could get a medium and a small. The small one to take along with you because it is easier to carry it instead of the large piece of luggage.
  • Carry on?
    Do you need some stuff that has to be with you and in access all the time? You definitely need a carry on then.

So, now that all the basics are clear, which one do you plan to buy? Do check out our website. You will definitely find one that suits perfectly to your needs. Happy traveling.

Image Source: simbiosc on Flickr