So how many times have you come across people using monsoons & romance in the same sentence? It is like the ultimate season for all the romantic videos, romantic situations in movies and stories. The whole idea is to have the perception of romanticism and fusing it with a season.

Let me give you an example, rain adds an edge to everything. Take football for instance, take a game and put some rain in it, it suddenly becomes much more interesting. How does that work? Well there are some basic elements that make it oh so romantic.

The sky becomes a pallet with shades of blues and greys. It acts as a filter for the sunlight. And what falls on roads and tress and humans is suddenly like enhanced by Photoshop. Now the water, it has this amazing tendency of making everything sparkle and shine. So things appear cleaner, smoother and nicer.

So, what is next? Oh yes, the heat, no more heat. It is all about cool winds and breezes; you no longer remember that an air conditioner exists. And because it is colder, you enjoy your cappuccino a little more than usual. And then comes the hot snacks and other foods.

Most importantly it gives your life a feeling of calm. You know the weather is going to stay the way it is and you cannot do anything to change it. So you stay back wherever you are and enjoy it instead. When was the last time you were so laid back? See, that is what it is all about. When you have time for your self you take out time for your loved ones too. You get to reminisce about the good stuff. And romance is one of those good stuffs here. SO, what are you thinking now?