They say you have to see it to believe it. But what about that strange feeling you get when you’re all alone in a hotel room. There are enough stories going around about women in white wandering the hotel corridors, one’s name being called out in the middle of the night, screams, knocking, etc. Whether a believer in the supernatural world, or not – it’s hard to ignore these common superstitions. These are especially followed in Asian countries.

So we’ve put together a few superstitions that are believed to protect you from those spirits that are believed to wander hotel rooms and corridors.

  1. Book in advance.

It is believed that some hotels have one room, which they leave permanently vacant. This room is reserved for those spirits that wander around the hotel, that they may have a place of their own and wont bother the hotel guests.


  1. Knock three times before entering.

You might even notice the bellboy who carries your bags doing the same. It is believed that you should knock three times and announce your entry as a mark of respect to any spirit that might be in that room.




  1. Walk in sideways.

When entering the room, walk in sideways. This leaves enough space for those souls to leave the room, so that you can occupy it.


  1. Arrange your footwear.

Place your footwear facing opposite directions to confuse the spirits about where you are. It is also believed, at the foot of your bed,you must place one slipper upside down. This symbolizes the yin and yang – it is meant to protect you while you sleep.




  1. Change your room if you feel chilly.

In case you feel a sudden cool draft, ask for a room change. It is believed that areas occupied by spirits are often cold and damp.


  1. Do not leave any bed vacant.

In case, there is an extra bed in the room, place your luggage on it so that the spirits know that place is taken.


  1. Pay attention to the hotel bible.

When you enter the room, look for the hotel bible. Make sure it isn’t in the drawer. In Asia, the bible is considered as a good luck charm and should be kept visible to ward off hotel ghosts. Incase you find the bible open, ask for a change of room.



  1. Flush out the bad stuff.

Flush the toilet once, upon entering the room. This is meant to flush out any negative energy that may have been left behind by those who came before you.


  1. Do not face mirrors when you sleep.

It is believed that mirrors trap negative energy, i.e. spirits. It acts as a portal to the spirit world. Facing a mirror while asleep could leave you in a vulnerable state and might serve as an invitation to these spirits.




10. Let the light in.

As soon as you enter the hotel room, switch on all the lights and open the curtains. You could also switch on the television. This is meant to let those wandering souls know you’re here and you’re alive. It is sure to expel the negativity and brings in the positivity.



Whether you believe them or not, superstitions around this topic are hard to ignore. So what if it involves doing a few strange things… no harm done, right? Do you know of any other practices that are believed to protect you against hotel ghosts? Do let us know in the comments below!