I vaguely remember but it was probably kindergarten, it was a usual day. I went to school; mom gave me lunch that I half ate. And I had this group of friends who were as mischievous as I was.

I don’t even remember what class was going on but it was gradually getting darker outside, that too in the middle of the day. I looked outside and it was like dusk. Everyone in the classroom got all the more chirpy. It was going to rain, the very first rains of monsoon. Though monsoon was a big difficult word for me at that time. But rains were special.

As the bell rang, announcing the recess time. Everyone rushed outside with his or her lunch boxes and water bottles. My school was an old building which had a central playing area in a square shape around which was our classrooms lined. We all sat in the corridors and ate as we saw the clouds making noises and anticipating it would rain.

And it had started by the time we finished eating. It was pouring like someone had opened infinite number of taps up there. It started with coin shaped drops, which gave the floor dark spots, and slowly the whole floor was wet. And within a couple of minutes it was showering. Everyone was smiling. And cheering.

Since it was kindergarten I remember the teachers chilling too. And suddenly we saw a couple of boys get up. They were playing in the rains. Without looking at our teachers as we feared seeking permission would mean a no, we also joined them.

The water clogged the whole playing area by now. We were drowned in it just above our ankle. So it wasn’t like swimming or anything but the splashes felt good. The only thing I clearly remember after that was everyone taking out their belts from the uniforms, putting it on their heads and pretending to ride a scooter. Don’t ask me the logic behind it. We were just kids.

And no studies happened after that. We reached home happy and wet. This is from my diary. What is your story?