There is something common in all the countries of the world. But there is a lot that is different. Whenever traveling abroad, one has to keep a balance. It is like being in an entirely new place and doing something that might look normal to you but might be something unacceptable in that very place. Now let me tell you how you are going to manage not getting in trouble in a new place.

  • Always keep your eyes open. Look around, know where you came from, what all belongings you have and what all are you surrounded by.
  • On that note, keep your wallets and purses specially intact and safe. They hold all the cash, cards and documents you need in order to survive in a place.
  • Do not indulge in flaunting. Keep it simple. The more attractive things are, the more are chances of them getting stolen.
  • Travel with a partner. And chose them wisely. Sensibility is more important. If they easily get carried away, not a good sign.
  • Always check on your insurance before flying abroad. You never know.
  • Avoid going to shady areas, specially the ones warned about by friends or locals. Be safe that way.
  • Get a health check-up before leaving. All the necessary vaccinations as well. And if any special prescription, keep it with you. Just in case.
  • Always keep your travel documents scanned and on mail or online drive. That would be very handy in case you lose stuff.

With all said and done, just enjoy your trip to the max. And do not forget to send us pictures. If you liked the article, do spread it.

Image Source: garryknight on Flickr