Not all Knowledge comes from books. The more you travel the wiser you become.  Here is a list of things about travel that you never learn in college.


1. Friendships/ Relationships– In the most random situations in unexplored cities you end up making friends. Irrespective of the countries they belong to, the languages they speak, and several other differences in lifestyle, you sometimes end up being friends for a lifetime.
2. Acceptance– While travelling, you might come across a lot of cultural differences but once you indulge yourself in the beauties of the culture, you will gradually start accepting these changes instead of questioning.

3. Adventure– Life, as they say is the biggest adventure, and there is no better way to take it up than hitting the road.

4.Food-Travel will make you learn that there is diversity in food in every part of the world. Be it street food or unique delicacies of restaurants, travel makes you experiment with food.

5.Be brave, face your fears– You may be scared as hell to camp on a riverside or go to an entirely new place but travel makes you challenge your fears and in the end you return as a stronger person.

6. Life Outside your city, explore– Your life revolves around but travel makes you step out of your comfort zone and get amazed by what lies beyond the city walls.

7.Changes your perspective– Travelling changes your perspective not only about culture, religion and people but also about life.

8. Travel makes you Smarter– Travel enhances your knowledge through practical experiences. You may also learn an altogether new skill such as archery or rifle shooting or playing an instrument.

9. The World is not scary– Travel will make you believe that the world is not a scary place as told by media or magazines or people. It will leave you humbled.

10. Healing Power of travel– There is a magical healing power that travelling has. Walking on the sea shore can actually make you forget all your worries and make you feel peaceful. Travelling is in fact, what you should do after a break up.


What has travel taught you?