That cushioned box beholding the green emerald ring eagerly & nervously awaiting to adorn the finger of that one special person… Every item in your bag is fashionable in its own way. It expresses an emotion and speaks a tale. And believe it or not, every item of fashion leads to love.

Just going through some old shopping loot, I came across a pair of ruby red earrings. A scenic ray of flashbacks played in my nostalgia-struck mind.

It was going to be a huge affair to celebrate the affair my grandparents shared. The anniversary cake had passed its three-tier limit. The menu items kept doubling at the pace of my aunt’s doubling weight. The flash & flaunt was yet to come…

‘So what sort of earrings will match my dress?’ asked my grandma.

‘Well…let me..’

Growing frantic she interrupted me, ‘Nothing in here is matching my dress… he can’t see me in my frail, fashion-faux-pas state on my special day.’

Before I could utter a word, she dragged my hand and the next moment I found myself in a crowded jewellery bazaar. Twinkling earrings & that sparkle of a nose-ring amidst the sounds of clashing bangles seemed visually glorious and musical.

We searched earrings among the handmade picks, biggest brands, smallest of nooks, largest of crates & quirkiest of lanes.

‘Help me pick something that matches my dress!’ my grandma exclaimed to me, exasperated.  ‘He needs to have his eyes only on me on that day’

I giggled. She was naturally pretty. Did she really need matching earrings to impress grandpa after 60 years? Did she really have to impress him at all after 60 years? Wasn’t 60 years of being together a good enough statement to seal love?

Just when I was lost in contemplation, her fragile voice enquired.

‘How about this? It’s his favourite colour.’ she had picked up a dangling ruby red earring. I looked at grandma. Her creased smile looked more beautiful than ever. Her eyes sparkled with heightened joy.

The day had arrived. The guests would arrive anytime. My grandparents, frantically getting ready, seemed nervous. My grandma put on the earrings. Her creased smile & spark of joy were on.

My grandpa whispered into my ear ‘I haven’t seen a more beautiful smile than hers ever.’

Just when my grandma said loudly ‘I haven’t seen more beautiful earrings than these ever’

I smiled…

It was all about reliving love. And in this case, it was through an item of fashion, the ruby red earrings. The smile & spark of joy that the earrings brought out in my grandma were just enough to make my grandpa partially go down on his knees and say ‘Will you remarry me?’

‘After I shop for shoes matching my wedding dress…’ she laughed.

The champagne cork fled. The shoe market was my next destination…