Wonderful, terrifying, exciting, scary – it’s everything! You often neglect yourself when in a relationship and almost end up merging your personality with your partner’s. You unknowingly adopt their likes, values and beliefs without even realizing it. You also tend to get so used to depending on them for every little thing, you forget how capable you actually are on your own.


Here are some reasons why you must travel by yourself at least once, before you tie the knot.

  1. Love your own company. You can’t be happy with someone else unless you’re happy with yourself first.
  2. If the wedding date is close, all those talks and planning can get overwhelming at times. Take some time off to get away from it all and just take it all in. You’re about to start a new life with someone.
  3. Once you’re hitched, your personal life isn’t entirely your own anymore. Go make as many new friends as possible.
  4. It’s your time to discover the strength you never knew you had. Push your limits and face your fears.
  5. With marriage comes a ton of responsibilities. Wouldn’t’ you just love to be by yourself without having to worry about anything else?
  6. Discover yourself. Don’t wait for someone to complete you. Know who you are and know that you’re already complete in everyway.
  7. Relish all that alone time – it might be a long while before you get to be by yourself again.
  8. Live outside your comfort zone. Get out of the same old scene and do things you’d never dream of doing.
  9. Remember your bucket list? If you wait any longer, chances are you’ll forget all about it.
  10. Finally, here’s your chance to accomplish something just for you.