Business Bags

“One of my first memories of being a kid was that I wanted to have a real job when I grew up. And to me, that meant you wear a suit and a hat and carry a briefcase and go to your job”, thus spoke renowned American comedian Will Ferrell.

As an integral part of one’s dressing, briefcases are seen today as a statement-making business accessory- and not just any briefcase will do. Before heading into that all-important, deal-making meeting, take your pick from the wide repertoire of American Tourister briefcases. Choose the briefcase that best suits your personality and professional needs, from our array of designs ranging from vintage briefcases to laptop briefcases. Head to American Tourister’s online retail partner,– your single destination to shop our complete offerings.

Laptop briefcases – the intelligent option for today’s professional, comes in several sizes and colour patterns too. Available in materials ranging from nylon and polyester to pure leather, our line is designed keeping in mind the wide spectrum of needs of our audience. From the investment banker to the Creative Director, we have a bespoke design created for each modern professional. Our range encompasses everything from vibrant reds with complementing digital patterns, to powerhouse models in neutral blacks and browns, ensuring that each shopper will find their right bag. Ergonomically designed to ensure the stress on the shoulders and back is minimised, our laptop briefcases come with detachable shoulder straps too.

The vintage briefcase is still the preferred option for many patrons who log onto our digital platforms; despite ever-changing trends, this consumer prefers elegant and timeless simplicity in a classic design. With iconic inspirations such as the James Bond 007 series and Mad Men directing their lines, American Tourister vintage models are available in a plethora of colours ranging from red to wooden texture to the traditional sleek black– these could be yours with the single click of button when you buy online.

Intelligently designed to pack in all the necessities for a busy day at work, American Tourister briefcases are the ideal solution for today’s multi-tasking, entrepreneurial individuals. With well-planned organizational compartments to keep all your items within easy reach, American Tourister has created a modern business travel companion, not just a briefcase.

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