Whether you are packing for a weekend staycation or a month long holiday, here are some valuable tips that will make packing for your holiday a walk in the park.

  1. Have a pre-trip checklist or use one that we have prepared earlier.
    1. Start writing down what you need to do and pack for your holiday a month before you are due to depart. This list will give you peace of mind on what to do and pack, which will be full of your holiday essentials and personal items. Start ticking each items on the list as your departure time approaches.
  2. Place essentials and valuables in your carry-on bag
    1. Store cash, laptops, camera, valuable jewellery and change of clothes in your carry-on bag. Unfortunately, suitcases do go missing or do not arrive at the same time as you. So why take the risk?
  3. Roll, not Fold!
    1. To save space and stop creasing, roll your clothes instead of folding them. This will keep your holiday outfits crease-free. For extreme space saver, you can purchase vacuum compression bags.
  4. Keep your loose items in one place
    1. Electronics, cables, phone charger, camera charger, headphones, car keys, house keys, medication, bobby pins … and the list of awkward small items goes on. Categorise these items accordingly and place them into ziplock bags or we love our 5-in-1 travel pouch. This will keep your suitcase tidy and you’ll be able to reach for that awkward tiny item within seconds instead of tipping your suitcase upside down for it.
  5. Pack plastic bags
    1. Pack extra plastic bags in the front zip of your suitcase. As you’ll need them to store your dirty laundry as you enjoy holiday. You’ll thank us when you’re sorting out your washing post-holiday.
  6. Shoes
    1. No matter how many pairs of shoes you are packing for your holiday, always pack them at the bottom of the suitcase in a plastic carrier bag or invest in a waterproof shoe bag. This will keep the rest of your suitcase clean and smelling fresh.
  7. Pack items you use often at the top of your suitcase
    1. Pack your daily essentials such as toiletries and phone chargers last so they are on the top of your suitcase. Making them easy to reach when you need them without having to strewn your entire suitcase content onto the floor.
  8. Bottom Heavy
    1. Place heavy items on the bottom of your suitcase, where the wheels are. This will stop your case from tipping forward if someone accidentally bumps into it.