Where the funs at

Splash the heat away

One of the best things to do with your friends on a warm sunny day is to throw a pool party! It's a great way to get your friends together and have a ‘splashing’ good time. Jump in and get your hair wet. That fruit cocktail you’ve been wanting to make? Now’s the time to enjoy - have a barbecue while you're at it! Nothing screams summer more than being on a floatie with your friends, and a refreshing drink in your hand.

Go on a food trail!

There’s just something about having good food and good company. Whether it's just around the block, or even elsewhere further, going on a food trail is a sure way to entice your taste buds! You can look out for any food event or fairs happening around your area, or simply search online to help you plan out your food escape. Simply come up with a list of eating places with your friends and tick them off one by one as you start to eat your way through summer!

Explore experiences

If you need another escape that’s not too far, have you ever thought about exploring your own city? Why not go to that art gallery you've always wanted to visit? Or go to an ice cream museum and dive into the world's largest sprinkle pool with your friends! Break your boring routine and you’d realize that there's plenty of things to do around where you are. Take in your city in a brand-new light!

Play on!

This summer play away in the lights of an arcade. It’s an excellent way to avoid the heat and have fun at the same time. You get to stay inside and tap into your inner child with your friends. Everything from bumper cars, to whack-a-mole, revisiting an arcade is simply a fun and nostalgic activity to play and beat your friends at it!